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Dr Niels Kirst

Assistant Professor of European Law at Dublin City University
Deputy Director of the DCU Brexit Institute
Investigator in the Horizon Europe REGROUP and EXPRESS2 Projects

Dr Niels Kirst, LLM, MA, BA, is an Assistant Professor of European law at the School of Law and Government of Dublin City University (DCU), where he teaches master-level courses in EU Institutional Law and EU Law & Brexit. Moreover, he is Deputy Director of the DCU Brexit Institute and Investigator in the Horizon Europe REGROUP and Express2 projects. He has published several peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, blog posts and op-eds. He holds two master’s degrees in European and International law from the University of Paris II and the University of Toulouse I. 


What I am Doing

Welcome to the official website of Dr. Niels Kirst, Assistant Professor of European Law at Dublin City University (DCU). This website serves as a gateway to explore the dynamic world of European law and gain insights into the complexities of the European Union’s legal system. Moreover, I am sharing my expertise, research and teaching in the fascinating and evolving field of European Law. 

Please feel free to reach out regarding any media or teaching request. I am happy to share my expertise with students and the wider public and contribute to an informed audience. 

As an Assistant Professor of European law, I am passionate about exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the ever-evolving legal landscape. Through this website, I aim to provide valuable resources, engage in scholarly discussions, and share my expertise on various aspects of European law.

Furthermore, I believe in the importance of fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share an interest in European law. As such, I encourage open discussions and collaborations to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the European Union.

I invite you to explore the various sections of this website to access a wide array of resources on European law, read my latest publications, and stay updated on upcoming events and conferences. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries, collaborations, or opportunities for academic exchange.

Areas of Interest

Through rigorous analysis, engaging discussions, and scholarly publications, I endeavor to contribute to crucial areas of European law research. My mission is to foster an informed understanding of the legal complexities within the European Union, promote constructive dialogues, and address contemporary challenges.

The Rule of Law Crisis within the EU

The rule of law is a cornerstone of the EU’s legal and political framework (Art. 2 TEU), ensuring the protection of fundamental rights, democratic principles, and the independence of its judiciary. My research investigates into the rule of law crisis within the EU, examining the challenges faced and potential solutions to safeguard the rule of law and democratic values in these turbulent times.

Trade and Technology Regulation

In an interconnected world, trade and technology play pivotal roles in shaping the EU’s economic landscape. My exploration of this area examines the complexities of EU trade policies, international agreements, and the legal implications of technological advancements, providing valuable insights into the evolving nature of trade relations and digital governance within the EU.

Geopolitics and Foreign Policy

The European Union’s role in the global arena is a focal point of my research. I analyze the EU’s foreign policy decisions, security challenges, and interactions with international partners. My research aims to understand how the EU navigates the geopolitical landscape while safeguarding its interests and promoting peace, stability, and cooperation worldwide.

Conferences, Guest Lectures and Events

I actively participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops, where I engage with fellow scholars and policymakers to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on European legal matters. This website serves as a hub for updates on my academic endeavors, speaking engagements, and forthcoming publications.

European Union Studies Association (EUSA)

May 2022, Miami, United States 

In May 2022, I participated in the 17th Biennal Conference of the European Studies Association (EUSA) in Miami, Florida. Engaging with American scholars on highly interesting research topics in EU law and politics was an immense pleasure. Furthermore, I was immensely grateful that my conference contribution was shortlisted for the Best Paper award.

ESADE Business & Law School

October 2022, Barcelona, Spain

In October 2022, I was invited to teach a guest lecture at Esade Law School together with Filippo Mattioli. 

I taught an introduction to EU competition law to the students, focusing on competition law’s role in the digital economy, the foundations of EU competition law and the newly enacted Digital Markets Act (DMA). 

CEELI Institute

September 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

In September 2021, I had the pleasure to hold a guest lecture on the EU’s rule of law crisis at the CEELI Institute‘s online course on “EU Law and Human Rights”.

The audience were merely legal scholars, practitioners, and activists from central and eastern European countries (CEE). 

University of Toulouse

October 2022, Toulouse, France

In October 2022, I had the chance to teach a seminar at my alma mater – the Université Toulouse I Capitole.

Together with Nickolas Ask, we could present our vision for a reform of the European judicial system. Additionally, I could speak on the first proceeding under the new rule of law Conditionality Regulation against Hungary and what it means for the rule of law protection in Europe.

Trinity College Law School Colloquium

February 2020, Dublin, Ireland

In February 2020, I had the great pleasure of giving a presentation at the Law School Colloquium of Trinity College Dublin. During the Colloquium, I met excellent scholars and participated in highly interesting panels.

In my presentation, I discussed the response of the Court of Justice of the European Union to the rule of law crisis in the Member States of the European Union. With a specific focus on the cases of C-619/18 and C-192/18.

I was delighted that I was awarded the Best Paper Award of the Colloquium with my contribution.

Cork Online Law Review

February 2022, Cork, Ireland

In February 2022, I contributed to the Cork Online Law Review with a blog post on the rule of law crisis in the European Union. This was a great pleasure and engagement which I did immensely enjoy. Moreover, I was grateful that my contribution was awarded the Best Blog Award.

DLPR’s Annual Conference 2020

March 2020, Dublin, Ireland

In March 2020, we (Dublin Law and Politics Review) held a digital conference on different aspects of the rule of law. Discussing Rule of Law challenges at the Court of Justice of the European Union, but also going beyond and talking about health policy and the Rule of Law. Discussants from the European Commission joined the conference.  

My Publications

Here, you will find thought-provoking articles, research papers, and publications, exploring topics ranging from EU institutions and policies to the protection of fundamental rights. Whether you are a legal scholar, a student, or simply an enthusiast of European affairs, this platform caters to your interests and provides valuable insights into the EU’s legal and political intricacies.

Reach out

Thank you for visiting. I hope you found this platform informative and inspiring in your journey into the realm of European law. If you have ideas or thoughts for future collaboration, please reach out to me.


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